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Many businesses post updates to their Facebook page during office hours. Chances are that’s not the right time…


When Should You Post To Facebook?


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It’s true what they say - timing is everything.

Get the timing right and - being in the right place as well - means you’re more likely to have a successful outcome. And just as in normal everyday activity, so as in Facebook. If you post information to your FB Page at the right time, you’re likely to get more engagement.

A new report by Buddy Media, a social media company, highlights just which days of the week are likely to create more engagement on your page. They collected data from 200 clients’ Pages over a two-week period and found that the time a post is made is an important factor in determining the success of a Facebook post. Success being measured by looking at three primary metrics in relation to Wall Posts:

  * Comment Rate: number of comments as a percentage of fan base
  * ‘Like’ Rate: number of ‘likes’ as a percentage of fan base
  * Engagement Rate: a combination of the above factoring in fan base size

Key pointers from the research are that:

• posts which included a URL from a shortening service were three times less ‘engaging’ than posts with a full URL shown.

• shorter posts - up to 80 characters had a 27% higher engagement rate than longer posts.

• whilst most posts by business were made during office hours, visitor engagement increased by 20% for posts made outside those hours.

This is likely because most fans of the major brand pages reviewed were consumers, accessing Facebook outside working hours, whilst Facebook tends to be blocked for many social types in their work place.

Even so, if your market is B2B, with an increasing number of businesses using Facebook to engage their customers and client base, you could expect this aspect of timing and engagement to regularise for those types of business in the future.

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I know Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are great ways to help promote my company, but I don’t have the time to learn them. How much would a marketing firm charge me to run my social media?

2: posted by Web Design Company on July 11, 2011

According to Buddy Media, 60% of posts were published between 10am and 4pm. However, many Facebook users prefer to log on to the site before or after work, and their engagement with company posts is higher during those times.