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If you still think that building a website from scratch is a good idea, you’re living in the past. Here’s why…


Why Nobody Builds Sites From Scratch


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As with any technology, web design and development is in a constant progression towards more efficient methods of production and usability.

Why? Because the better the user experience, the better the conversion, whether that’s sale of a product, transfer of an idea or just plain awareness of the information being presented.

Unlike traditional, ‘real-world’ business, the pace of progression on the web is much, much faster than offline, since the very nature of the medium means that processes can be automated quickly.

So much so that once a process has reached a plateau in terms of its technical progression, which matches or exceeds user perception of its usefulness, focus moves to another, different process which requires attention to bring it up to the same or greater level of efficiency.

This process is fast and geometric.

The commercial internet is over 15 years old and the difference in online presentation is obviously now more in tune with user expectation. To keep pace with that expectation, the tools we now use are necessarily focused on creating an online presence in a short space of time, with more options for the user, including user management of content and presentation, to maximise conversions.

The progression to this state has meant that the tools have made some original processes completely redundant. Once code has been written, it doesn’t need to be rewritten if it works efficiently. So why reinvent the digital wheel? Just develop more code which builds upon it, moving toward a new objective.

If you want to have an online presence, the process of ‘how’ has now changed from a basic technical perspective to more fundamental questions of ‘why’.

Who are you talking to?  What are you trying to say? What do you want to achieve? What’s the plan? Why do you want to do that?

If you want to sell a product online, you need to know the answers to these fundamentals as they relate to your business, before you can achieve what you want.

The tech stuff is easy.

If you need a basic landing page, there’s a tool to create that. Need a small multi-page site? There’s a tool for that too. A blog? Easy. Just click. What about eCommerce? Loads of off-the-shelf packages from the simple to the advanced, all deployable within hours. Even complete, social-networking sites, available pre-coded and setup, just waiting for content.

And free web templates to clothe your new site, or paid ones if you so choose.

The point is that the commercial web has itself now moved to a state where its technical advancement has met and is now exceeding user expectations, using tools that make creating an online presence quick and easy. There really is no reason on earth why anyone needs to build a site from scratch any more.

All you need is a credit card.