Identity development

Developing a brand identity is more than just creating a logo

Brand identity is about the personality - the character - of your business. The perceptions of customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders form the basis of the brand. Which is why reputation management is so important in building a brand in a marketplace.

A ‘good’ brand can command a premium on the price of its goods and services, over a lesser-known brand. And that means more profit.

Sure enough, the public face of a business starts with a logo, business stationery, website, etc., but continues in the ‘voice’ used in copywritten material, the channels used to communicate with the wider world and the message that’s communicated.

We’ll make sure that your brand is developed the way it should be, congruent with your business model, values, vision and mission.

Steve at Position One critically appraised my website and gave much constructive criticism from the general appearance, link errors and the whole design of the site and its ability to attract clients. I now see that it does not engage or involve visitors enough. We are now looking into a more interactive site where we can give the visitors so much more. This will help generate more client leads.

John Machin, Machin Accounting

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