Are you spending a fortune on marketing?

You will be, unless you know why you're spending it and what results to expect.
Marketing planning is something many businesses should do, but don't. You've heard it before - fail to plan, plan to fail.

Devising a marketing plan requires asking a lot of pertinent questions, describing the business’ vision, goals and strategic marketing objectives and then tailoring a plan to ensure that the objectives are met. Ally that with very capable implementation and a mechanism to monitor results and you have an effective marketing resource.

As part of the process, we’ll advise you on issues such as what markets you should be in and which ones you shouldn’t, how to take advantage of free publicity to help build your brand, generating sales leads from email marketing, direct marketing and advertising, and using social media to promote your business.

Steve at Position One critically appraised my website and gave much constructive criticism from the general appearance, link errors and the whole design of the site and its ability to attract clients. I now see that it does not engage or involve visitors enough. We are now looking into a more interactive site where we can give the visitors so much more. This will help generate more client leads.

John Machin, Machin Accounting

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