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Your INSTANT SETUP professional quality Genie Landing Site is provided as part of our 12 month hosting package for only £67. Includes FREE email support (response during UK office hours) and exclusive early bird access to new products, when released. You can set up your site IMMEDIATELY after payment.

Genie Landing Site £67.00

Genie Landing site

Get it now for £67.00
Get Genie Landing Site £67.00


Genie Landing Site


My Shopping Genie Landing Site

Really simple to use, this Genie Landing Site will make it easier for you to direct prospects to the various different locations they need to access, in order to review the MSG business proposition, download, install and configure the app, review distributor benefits and sign up.

How does it work?
Well, say you are online and on the phone to a prospect. You can’t see or control what they do when they are searching around the web for different websites and resources you want them to look at. The reason why MLMs work is that they all follow a duplicable system.

The landing site provides Distributors with a one-page website location to direct prospects to. The Distributor can then follow his/her own or upline’s preferred system using the site to show preferred audio/video resources and control the prospecting process easily, making the prospect’s experience simpler.

What’s more you can make changes to the links in the provided Editor page and update the landing site instantly, to show different resources during the same call, without the prospect leaving the page!

The site comprises one Landing page and an Editor page to edit the content of the landing page.

All the visible text is fully editable, and the large button links can be configured to link to different locations. You can add video from YouTube and Vimeo easily and - provided the visitor country can be determined - the Distributor button changes currency according to visitor country (USD, GBP or EUR).

Version 1.41 now includes the ability to link country icons to specific country landing pages or sites which you may have set up.


Other features include:

• Upload custom header image (useful to co-brand the site)
• Optional separate install, setup and sign up links
• Automatic update to the latest version from the Editor page
• Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter ‘Tweet’ buttons
• Social media links to custom Facebook, Twitter pages
• Free text area to add your own content for SEO
• Editable page title, description and keywords for SEO
• Link to MyShoppingGenie Disributor Backoffice login