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No business can afford to be without a website, and a well-designed website will engage with your customers and prospects and get them comfortable enough to buy your goods or services. Using your site to mesh your operating systems with customer interaction makes it that much easier for anyone to do business with you.

Position One are expert in the creation CMS websites - websites to which you can add content yourself, usually through an admin panel.

Our weapon of choice is ExpressionEngine, a proprietary CMS (content management system), which is probably the most flexible - and secure - CMS around. With ExpressionEngine we can build just about any type of site you’re likely to want, including e-commerce.

We can also provide simpler CMS sites, built using Concrete5, or if you just need a one-page website, we have our own flavour for that too. We don’t build or host WordPress sites.

Steve at Position One critically appraised my website and gave much constructive criticism from the general appearance, link errors and the whole design of the site and its ability to attract clients. I now see that it does not engage or involve visitors enough. We are now looking into a more interactive site where we can give the visitors so much more. This will help generate more client leads.

John Machin, Machin Accounting

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